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We would like to once again say a massive thank you to everyone who participated in #Dash4Dave. All of the video submissions and money donations truly showed the magnitude of the love and respect that so many had for such a great man.

An amazing £2,622 was raised from 88 donations and a total of over 50 videos were submitted to the #Dash4Dave twitter page in memory of Dave Cox.

Dave’s workplace CBRE have also made an awesome gesture, outside of the fundraising, by offering to cover all costs for the memorial bench and social area that will be dedicated to Dave and installed at The Abbey. (Already in the process, pictured above)

As Dave was such a huge part of the important social environment at Hamble, Ange Cox has asked that money raised be put towards new and improved social developments at The Abbey.

There are plans for various other tributes to Dave that will be added at the ground in due course and the Cox family have been very grateful for all the support shown to them during this tragic time.

We would also like to announce that we will be hosting a Dave Cox Memorial Cup at The Abbey once all things return to normality. It will be a huge all day event of football, fun and drinks to fully celebrate Dave’s life the way we have all wanted to and the way that he deserved.

More information will be released as we start to see rules and regulations change.

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